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Coconut Juice and Oil can Help Prevent Heart Disease

Amongst all lifestyle diseases, heart disease is the most frightening. More than anything else it's the suddenness with which it can strike. There is no warning symptom. Since no one can be prepared in advance, heart disease creates the maximum scare. It is considered to be America's major killer today. According to the experts, one must avoid all rich traditional foods such as butter, cream, cheese, red meat, eggs and other foods containing saturated fats which in turn causes cholesterol - all artery blocking foods. Scientifically, it is the accumulation of hardened plaque in the main arteries which clogs them causing arteriosclerosis. This plaque is supposedly the elevated level of cholesterol in the blood, which causes the pathogenic atheromas that block blood vessels. Well, all of the above is not necessarily true. Saturated fats are not all evil. Many people see coconut oil in its hard, white form and assume that is belongs in the oils that cause the cholesterol-rich plaques in blood vessels. Those lesio...


What You Need To Know About Diabetic Foot Care

At home, there are many things that you can do to enhance your Chicago diabetic foot care regimen. Make sure to examine your feet daily, especially after any type of trauma, no matter how minor it might be. Make sure to report any changes to your doctor, and apply a water-based moisturizer every day. Wearing wool or cotton socks can also help to improve circulation problems. Around the home, eliminate any obstacles that you may trip over or bump your feet on, and be sure to keep your toenails trimmed with a safety nail clipping tool. You should also make sure to wear sturdy comfortable shoes, and your podiatrist can help you to obtain the proper fit and if necessary, a prescription for specially made shoes. Regular exercise is also an excellent home care tool, since it improves bone and joint health, circulation, and will help to stabilize blood sugar levels. If you smoke tobacco in any form, quitting is one of the best ways to optimize your diabetic foot care regimen. This is because smoking has been ...


Don't Die Early - Look After Your Heart

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. Think about that: more people die from heart disease than any other cause. In fact, over 27% of people, regardless of age or sex, die from heart disease, and that number rises to over 30% if you only look at people who died over the age of 65. It is obvious that heart disease is a major problem in the United States, and that watching your heart health is an important consideration in leading a healthy and active lifestyle. No other part of your body will have as big an impact on whether you live a long happy life, or short sick life. As the numbers suggest, not enough Americans are taking their heart health seriously.Understanding heart diseaseBefore you can start working to prevent the onset of heart disease, it is important to first get an understanding of what your heart does for your body, and what exactly heart disease means.As you probably already know, your heart is just a muscle. Although it is probably the most important muscle in your...


Getting Help With Clinical Depression

Like many others, I have been through my share of low moments in my life so far including emotional abuse when I was young as well as the loss of my mother due to suicide. However, despite these major adversities, I never suffered from clinical depression and I'll probably never really know the exactly why I was spared from this common mental health condition either. Was it because of a unique biochemistry in my head? Was it my attitude? Or was it because of certain actions I took?I'm very much aware that there are many people out there who are not so fortunate. I have had friends, relatives and significant others who suffered from clinical depression. And of course, there was my own mother who basically lost her battle against a severe case. So even though I have not personally suffered from clinical depression, I have had a front row seat to it many times to know that this is real.One thing that I have personally noticed with many people who are depressed is that they are not often utilizing all the ...


Surprising Cures Offered by Everyday Health Aides

You probably already know precisely what each and every item in your medicine box is for. You know that when your stomach is in pain, you should go for the antacid. You know that when you have an allergy flare up you need to take an antihistamine. You are aware that a headache calls for ibuprofen or acetaminophen. Are you aware, though, that almost all of the things in your medicine cabinet can be used for all types of other ailments as well? Try several of these off-the-wall cures for ordinary ailments.You probably already know that an antacid like Alka-Seltzer (and other antacids) can truly help you feel better when you have belly troubles or heartburn. Did you know, though, that you can use Alka Seltzer (and other antacids) to ease the sting of a bug bite as well? This is because virtually all antacids like Alka Seltzer come with aspirin which helps lessen the pain and stinging you feel when you are bitten. Make a paste by breaking an antacid tablet, some oatmeal and a little water. Apply it over the bite ...


High Blood Pressure Treatment: Four Steps to Lowering Blood Pressure Naturally

High blood pressure plays a role in an estimated 15 percent of deaths in the US. This statistic is a frightening one. It's especially so when you consider that this condition is one of the most preventable health problems. It affects roughly one third of Americans. Many of these sufferers are currently using meds to lower it. Consider these statistics. According to the American Heart Association:* Of the one third of US adults with this condition, an estimated 75 percent of them are aware of their condition. About one fourth are not.* 90 to 95 percent of cases have no known or detectable cause.* Between the years 1996 and 2006 the death rate from hypertension rose 10.5 percent.This condition is a simple one to detect. All that's needed is a test which takes mere minutes to perform in a doctor's office. Yet about one quarter of those who suffer from it aren't aware they have a problem.If you haven't seen a doctor or been hospitalized in a year or more, it's time for a check-up. Even if you have never previous...


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